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Useful and Essential Firefox Extensions


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Standard Privacy Addons

ClearURLS – Removes tracking from copied links

LocalCDNSee here. Provides alternative, privacy-respecting sources for website components

I no longer recommend Privacy Badger: see here

Privacy Possum – Extended tracker blocking

uBlock Origin – Adblocker, cosmetic filtering, malicious script protection, tracker blocking, all in one package

Advanced Privacy Addons

CanvasBlocker – Fakes fingerprint readout for some JavaScript APIs (blocking HTML canvas can break things like image upload)

Google Analytics Blocker – Blocks Google Analytics

GNU LibreJS – Extension that blocks all but freely licensed JavaScript

JavaScript Restrictor – Restricts access to JavaScript APIs to prevent fingerprinting.

NoScript – Blocks all JavaScript. Not recommended unless you want to learn some things


Dark Reader – Global, configurable dark mode

Flagfox – Displays information about a website's physical location and IP address in the address bar

I don't care about cookies – Annoying GDPR consent cookie reminder blocker

Onion Browser Button – Allows you to connect to Tor in Firefox

Privacy Pass – Stores tokens to bypass captchas

Reddit Enhancement Suite – Cosmetic and functional enhancements for Reddit

Reddit Masstagger – Tags users based on their activity in reactionary subs

SponsorBlock – Skips sponsored sections in YouTube videos

Tineye Reverse Image Search – Search with images through Tineye with a context menu entry

Unofficial Netflix Party – Allows you to watch along with others in Netflix

User-Agent Switcher – Allows you to emulate another browser's user agent on sites that discriminate against Firefox. Not commonly necessary.

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