Tebibyte Media's July in Review

This past month, Tebibyte Media has been buzzing with activity. Our team has been preparing for future applications, some of which include Ortus Journal, an open-access journal of philosophy, Canary, an ultra-flexible, postmodern UI engine utilizing user scripting for its functionality, Cyborg, a modern, practical, educational, and artist-centered realtime renderer, and Nexus, a VR social platform.

Project Updates

After some consultation with readers, our blog theme has been updated to have less contrast; it's also been changed to add a few elements of style to give it a distinct touch. The website has also had a few updates, and some more changes are on the way as the Network as well as our Project team expand.

Network Updates

In July, the Network experienced some amount of interest, but no formal applications. There are multiple projects which will be applying in the coming weeks, however, and there has been a constant flow of work in the past month. Canary, in its first month of existence, has seen results in the form of a Sword Art Online-inspired UI demo. Cyborg has seen active development, with a lot its biggest design decisions being made in the past month. Nexus, which is the newest project on this list, is gathering resources and team members to work on its initial implementation. Ortus Journal, in the midst of editing and preparing its second volume for production, had a rough end of the month—its Instagram account was taken down. This is yet another testament to the precarity of proprietary platforms; the takedown was a result of some as-of-yet unknown (and probably never-to-be-known) reason.

Help Wanted

Tebibyte Media is currently looking for individuals who care greatly about free software and believe in the Network we're setting up—we are looking for Outreach Representatives who can help us with parsing applications and getting tentative members into the Network as quickly and efficiently as possible; graphic designers who are willing to work with us to help create media for our Project and Network members; and editors and writers to help us balance the load of the blog. If interested, send an e-mail to apply@tebibyte.media with a statement of interest, including the details on your general availability, the reason for your interest in the project, and any other pertinent details, such as your history in the position(s) you are applying for.

The Future

These developments are incredibly exciting for everyone involved with Tebibyte Media and free software in general. The Network is materializing, and we will work to keep our audience informed on everything we accomplish. Thank you all for the support from the Tebibyte Media staff!