Tebibyte Media's October in Review

The month of October has been quiet for Tebibyte Media's Network, with most of the updates made to the user experience of Project services, such as the weblog. Because of this, this month's review post is in large part comprised of Project news.

Project Updates

In October, the Project staff improved the user experience of the TebiBlog (Tebibyte Media Weblog); posts now contains a list of authors on each blog post, relevant tags, and a list of Network members referenced in the post. The colors of hyperlinks has been made more consistent, and there is a maximimum width on post content so that it's more readable on wide browser windows. Posts in post feeds are now inside of a dedicated card to make them easier to distinguish. The staff upgraded the sidebar, fixing the uneven spacing, establishing visual hierarchy through font sizes and alignment, and including a list of links to the new post feeds. These feeds can be sorted by author, tag, or Network member, and aggregate posts based on the sorting criteria. The staff also improved the TebiBlog's accessibility with more content-appropriate HTML tags: <figure>, <nav>, and <time>.

Network Updates

The ARF compiler's semantic analyzer is now capable of resolving module imports, analyzing type definitions, and performing some basic type checking. The goal for October was to compile a simple hello world program. Although that goal has not yet been met, it should be relatively soon.

Canary, Cyborg, and Hopper have not had any major developments in the last month. These three members are made up mostly of Tebibyte Media staff, and because the Project and the Network are both made up of unpaid hobbyists, sometimes the Network's developers need to take a break from working for the sake of their mental health. Burnout is one of the greatest obstacles to creating large projects. It can happen to anyone—from lone developers to teams of hundreds of people—and Tebibyte Media is no exception.

Next Month

Tebibyte Media is looking for individuals who are familiar with graphic design or writing that can assist Tebibyte Media in their spare time. More writers will help us get blog posts and project updates published more quickly, giving more time to our Network members for their projects. Graphic designers are wanted for creating logos and artwork for the Network's members. Anyone interested should send an e-mail to apply@tebibyte.media that includes details such as availability, the reason for interest in the Project, and any other important information regarding the position being applied to.

Even if you don't believe that you have any skills that may help the Project, please consider joining our Discord "server", which is bustling with free software and open access discussion and development. We host a growing community of developers, authors, and many other disciplines, so feel free to come hang out!