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Hi! I'm Emma Tebibyte.

( fae/faer )

I founded Tebibyte Media in 2020. Initially, its only goal was to further the adoption of free software, attempting to spread its use to the communities I was in that didn't have a technology focus. Since then, it has grown substantially and into something entirely new: a network of support for anyone who is creating something and values free software and open access principles. I'm very proud of all of the wonderful staff who help me out with this project; they are the sole reason Tebibyte Media is capable of sustaining its Network.

The Network itself is also due a lot of credit. Through Tebibyte Media, I have met and interacted with so many interesting and helpful people. Part of our goals with the Network is to foster a community for all of the members; this goal has been the easiest part of this journey thus far. This is no doubt due not only to the fantastic job my staff does but also to the comfortable and friendly environment sustained in the community itself.

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    If you'd like to contact me, the best ways to do so are as follows, in order of preference:

    If you want to talk to me where I am most of the time, that unfortunately happens to be Discord. Tebibyte Media has a Discord "server" because the state of current free software alternatives is not satisfactory.

    Things Someone Should Make

    Or: the software I (probably) won't or can't make but which I think would be good to have

    Some useful links you might like to click on:


    Idea stolen from Trinity's page.

    [2021-07-10T18:36:38] Anonymous: this emmatebibyte should really post feet pics to verify cuteness, ngl

    [2022-02-22] @Nyann: Emma Tebibyte gives me the "non-trustworthy-female" vibes

    I have friends!

    Riveting content here, folks.

    Here are some of their stickers:

    And here some of their links:

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