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Hi! I’m Emma Tebibyte.


I am the founder of Tebibyte Media, the central organizing node of a Network of different free software and open-access groups. Currently, the group is undergoing a major change. Keep an eye out on the blog for more news.

In my spare time (which I find is quickly becoming more and more rare) I am a free software developer. I created Tebibyte Media because I wanted a place where I could espouse the aspects of that hobby I believe are most important: simplicity, interoperability, and ethics.


If you'd like to contact me, the best ways to do so are as follows, in order of preference:

Things I’m Making

Amazon Alternatives
A list of websites you can shop at to avoid Amazon, available using the Gemini Protocol.
A revolutionary new Unix tool (my first C practice).
The Bonsai Computer System
A simple operating system to replace POSIX-compliant ones.
My dotfiles
We’ve all got ’em.
A command-line tool to search Searx instances.
This site!
A command-line TOML parser.
A script for interaction with YouTube and local playlists.
Web Browsing
A fun guide on how to contract surveillance-induced anxiety.
A which implementation in POSIX shell.

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Idea stolen from Trinity’s page.

[2021-07-10T18:36:38] Anonymous: this emmatebibyte should really post feet pics to verify cuteness, ngl

[2022-02-22] @Nyann: Emma Tebibyte gives me the "non-trustworthy-female" vibes

[2022-11-20T18:14] Hasn't seen a single movie in faer life

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Riveting content here, folks.

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