Tebibyte Media

Tebibyte Media was started in 2020 by Emma Tebibyte to improve faer skills in self-hosting and to satiate faer appetite for learning about technology.

General Information

The question comes up often; what is a tebibyte?

If you want my Extensions List, it's here.

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Associated Sites

My good friend Trinity's website.

Political subculture researcher Joshua Citarella's website [HTTP-only, unlicensed JavaScript].

Ortus Journal, an open-access, multimedia journal of speculative analysis [Freely licensed JavaScript; may contain non-free plugins].

New Media artist Richard Williams' website. [see also] [unlicensed JavaScript].

Sarah Adnil's Archived Works [Freely licensed JavaScript; may contain non-free plugins].

Do Not Research, a collaborative platform for publishing writing, visual art, and more [HTTP-only, unlicensed JavaScript].

Will gnu.ism's personal website.